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Make it Personal - LEAP!

How many times have you shrugged off setbacks and disappointment by saying “I shouldn’t take it personally”? Duncan Coombe's Managing Yourself column at exposes the absurdity of this sentiment. The column's headline, 'Don’t Take It Personally' Is Terrible Work Advice, resonates for all of us on the LEAP team. And our approach -- Your Personal Brand - Find it. Own it. Live it. -- provides concrete tools for you to truly take things personally at work and in your life.

Let’s explore the context of the word "personal." If you visit various online dictionaries, the adjective “private” pops up as a key synonym. This may explain why many of us try to “not take it personally” since "private" implies it's nobody else’s business. So we end up working hard to maintain separate "public" and "private" personas. But let's consider the noun. "Person" means an individual. One person. A whole person. LEAP engages the whole person by co-creating branding platforms that bring together each and every part of a person into one powerful identity. Your personal LaunchPad encompasses the essential aspects of your whole life: career, family, friends, hobbies & interests. It equips you to take things personally, and powerfully. Read Coombe’s column for more on his perspective:

Our advice on life overall is to go ahead, make it personal. LEAP!

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