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OUR LEAP: Preparing for Reinvention

Michele Mullings is a manager/strategist for Verizon. The New Jersey resident is a single mom, raising a 15-year-old she adopted, caring for aging parents and balancing a demanding corporate job. She reached out to LEAP to Brand to help her prepare for the next stage of her professional life.Why did you decide you needed coaching? I was looking to rebrand myself. I’ve been in the corporate world for many years and I had this I needed a change.

How do I go about that in my middle years? Just the conversations with Kathy really started to ignite some thought on how I might reinvent myself.

What did you learn from this process? I do this for everyone else and not for myself. I think the journey with LEAP to Brand was peeling away those layers and allowing me focus on myself.

That’s taken on a bit of urgency recently: It’s funny, we’re coming to an end of some of our initial conversations and then Verizon offered a voluntary separation package for all employees – I am going to take it.

Now it’s time for me to put into motion what I’ve been working on.

What’s the first step? For starters, one of things I remember Kathy said was that I need to talk to people. I thought I had to do all this formal networking.

What I really need to do is talk to people - all types of people – and see what avenues are out there.

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