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FYI: Pintrest For Personal Branding

Whether you’re just starting to develop or you’ve already established your personal brand, Pinterest can be a helpful source of information, inspiration and organization.

Pinterest is a free social media website where users pin images to boards. You can use Pinterest to search for others’ pins and to organize your own ideas.


With millions of pins, Pinterest can be a useful source for information. Search for images on Pinterest using keywords, such as “personal branding.”

Pinterest has a guided search feature that shows you results from your search and offers categories to help refine your search.

For example, a search for “personal branding” on Pinterest leads to categories for:

• Design

• Identity

• Logo

• Career

and more.


By seeing others’ pins, you may be inspired to create or refine your personal brand. You may discover colors, fonts, photos and designs that appeal to you.

When exploring Pinterest, you may be drawn to ideas you hadn’t previously considered. You may see pins on the psychology of color or on how to pair fonts. You may find pins on design and the power of shapes.

The more you find on Pinterest, the more ideas you’ll be able to develop into your own personal brand.