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YOUR LEAP: Jonathan Earley

Jonathan Earley is a San Antonio-based entrepreneur, creative director and multimedia instructor. Get a glimpse of the many facets of his businesses by checking his various websites: (his personal website), (a design company he founded), (his newest venture) and his photography site – Jonathan talks about the intersection of personal and company brands.

As a business owner, what standards do you have for your employees and contractors?

Generally, if they are going to do social or independent content creation, I’d have them pass it through for my approval. It’s worked both ways – we’ve had employ blog posts that have gone viral and tutorials that have linked back to our work. Recently, a social media marketer asked if he could use my brand, Tealix for an email marketing account. I got a complaint from someone he sent to about language and asked to be taken off our mailing list. So, I’m a little more leery of giving contractors and employees free rein.

How did that situation change how you handle these issues?

The solution is to set very clear guidelines and expectations and allow for freedom within that framework.

What advice do you have for social media use?

A guideline I live by is what someone told me years ago. Don’t post anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want on a billboard.

How do you track your online brand?

I Google myself occasionally and go through what comes up. I’ll look at what’s on there and see if that’s what I’m fine with the world knowing about me. If I’m not cool with it, I’ll scrub it.

So just to emphasize, think before you post:

I suggest being more cautious than less. Be mindful. Just know whatever you put out there, anyone in the world can see. Make sure you’re fine with it.

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