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Just because January (and even February) are in the mirror, that doesn’t mean you can’t make resolutions.

If there’s one lesson it’s important to learn any day, any time is the right time to start anew.

Developing a personal brand is the trend of 2017, just as it was in 2016.

But what does that really mean?

Without getting too simplistic, there are two keys:

1. Authenticity

2. Fun/passion.

“Developing a personal brand is partly about searching for and discovering those things that bring us joy and fulfillment, and then envisioning how those things (or that single thing) translates into a meaningful career,” writes Glenn Geffcken, the co-founder of Balanced Is, a company with a focus on culture and identity. (

One way to make that discovery is using a 3-word branding approach, as described by Scott Lieberman, a human resources professional at TIAA. (

Step 1: Think of 3 words you would want others to use to describe you.

Step 2: Ask a few people in your network (colleagues, friends, family) what are 3 words they would use to describe you?

Step 3: Find the gap between your words and their words and work towards eliminating the gaps.

But remember, don’t mistake personal branding for a sales pitch.

Michele Mavi who has nearly 15 years of experience as a recruiter, interview coach, and resume writer, offers her do’s and don’ts of personal branding ( The highlights:

1. Do get comfortable in front of the camera

2. Don’t tell people what you do, tell them what you accomplish.

Find your personal brand today...or any day!

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