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Your Leap:  Nicole Tetreault

Nicole A. Tetreault, PhD is a neuroscientist, author and speaker. Here’s how LEAP has helped her:

Q. What advice would you give someone who's trying to figure out if they need help developing a personal brand?

Identify what you love. If you are doing something that you are passionate about, you will develop your voice, mission and brand. You have to identify doing something that makes your heart sing and even on the worst of days you find light in your passion. Life has moments of good, bad, beautiful and ugly and if we find something that is true to your voice and spirit, I believe you can create the dive to make anything possible. My father has always told me do what you love and the rest will follow and that has been my personal philosophy.

Q. What's a misconception you had about personal branding that was corrected once you worked with LEAP?

That it was cheesy and self-indulgent. I am a person that holds my ideas close to my heart and I really do not want things, people or anything to get in my way. And I like keeping to myself. I feel there are so many mixed messages about self-promoting, and the one-way communication that I was concerned with losing my personal voice. It was actually the opposite, once I defined my passion and what I am good at I was much better able and equipped to communicate with the world about my person vision and mission.

Also, I realized that my brand is not static but in fact fluid and evolving and I have plenty of room to grow with the elements I am passionate about, translating the most promising neuroscience and positive psychology to live the best possible life…

Also, as a neuroscientist, I see the value of using social media in the correct way to do good to help people and that can be very liberating. I feel that if I help at least one person that is enough. It's not about numbers to me it is about impacting life in a positive way for an individual to be their highest best self.

Q. What's been the biggest lasting impact of working with LEAP?

The LEAP team encouraged me to find my power. I feel empowered to be exactly who I am.


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