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Your Personal Brand: What’s your “Battle Cry?”

If you’re looking to develop a personal brand that inspires, take a page out of the playbook of marketing guru, John Emmerling. His timeless article “Battle Cry Equals Brand Success” in the November 17, 2003 issue of Advertising Age offers valuable insight on the importance of having a “battle cry” and how to go about creating one.

Our version of a “battle cry” for personal brand success is the LEAP LaunchPad – a branding platform that brings together different elements of a person’s life into one powerful identity. The LEAP LaunchPad draws from the most important aspects of your day-to-day: career, family, friends, hobbies, and interests, and delivers meaning through a headline, tagline, and photo. Click on this link LEAP LaunchPads to see examples that have helped create a path to personal branding success. We find that the exercise of looking for the powerful through-line of all your “lives” leads to a deeper, more focused understanding of who you are, what you’re seeking, and what you want to let others know about you.

Want to learn more about “battle cries” and branding? You can find Emmerling’s article here: Battle Cry

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