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The LEAP process is available in a number of formats. Choose the one

that’s right for you!

Weekend Immersion Experience

For groups of 10 – 24 participants

The two-day LEAP Personal Branding Immersion Experience is conducted at an off-site setting, with a maximum of 24 participants. A series of dynamic exercises—some with the whole group, some among break-out groups, along with personal one-on-one coaching time—help our participants explore, define, and examine their core values and aspirations. Each day is filled with a variety of exercises and experiences that help “peel the onion” to reveal your authentic core. Participants look through their outer layers of external roles, like career, family, friend, student, etc., into their innermost values and aspirations. This allows them to align their personal and professional expression and communication with their true selves. It’s a revolutionary new approach to personal branding that resonates for a lifetime.

Each participant develops a personal LaunchPad and guidance on implementing their brand across their social media channels. Included in this offering are three follow-up coaching sessions for anyone who seeks to further implement and “live their brand.”

To find out more, contact us at

Full Day Intensive

For groups of 10 – 24 participants

Perfect for corporations and professional organizations, this one-day LEAP Intensive begins with a series of group exercises designed to elicit core findings quickly in a non-threatening environment. After breaking for lunch, we work one-on-one with participants to further define and articulate their personal brands. Participants also work with a professional photographer in an individual portrait session. One week later, the LEAP team returns to present the group with their completed personal LaunchPads. Included in this offering are three follow-up coaching sessions for anyone who seeks to further implement and “live their brand.”

To schedule a workshop for your group, contact us at

Full Day Intensive

For small groups of 610 participants

This four-week course is perfect for sole proprietors, media professionals, health and wellness professionals, and anyone whose personal brand also serves as their professional message to the world. Each four-week course meets once a week for two hours. In this small group setting, you’ll engage in a series of LEAP self-discovery exercises. Each participant receives a customized LaunchPad and the tools they need to live and embrace their personal brand.

Course fee is $800, all-inclusive.

Personal Branding Bootcamp
half-day workshop

For groups of 10 – 30 participants

We present an overview of Personal Branding and introduce LEAP’s process with some sample interactive exercises. Then we work with participants to fill in their own “LaunchPad Lite” with some of the key elements from our full LaunchPads.

To schedule a workshop for your group, contact us at


For individuals

In our One-on-One program, you will work with a dedicated coach to develop your profile, and then our professional branders help you to develop your personal brand. This is a highly personalized offering that is available in two formats.

The basic One-on-One consists of five hourly sessions with coaches and branders to create your personal LaunchPad and help you to live your brand.

The Executive One-on-One is a six-month program: during the first month, your coach and branders work with you to craft your personal brand and LaunchPad. Your coach then follows up with monthly sessions to guarantee you success in launching and living your personal brand.

To embark on your One-on-One program, contact us at

Half Day

For groups of 10 – 50 participants

Our one-hour teaser presents an overview of our curriculum in a lecture setting with interactive demos.

To schedule a demo for your group, contact us at

a taste of leap

LEAP offers customized branding services to senior executives around the globe. Through LEAP, you will have access to a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who will work with you one-on-one to develop an authentic branding platform that can be leveraged in leadership development plans, job searches, and career transitions.


A key deliverable of our process is the LEAP LaunchPad – a bespoke personal branding portfolio – that can serve as the foundation for a website and your professional presence in social media such a LinkedIn

Team/Group Alignment

What's your team's reputation? Whether your goal is incremental progress or organizational transformation, LEAP can help you find the answer. Our certified coaches and expert branders work co-actively with your team to harness strengths into an authentic branding platform that serves as the foundation for aligning each member of the team around a shared vision.


Programs are tailored to suit the unique needs of each client group and typically include a combination of team and one-on-one check-ins and workshops focused on specific goals and priorities.

Focus Areas
  • Employee Development

  • Career Strategies

  • Retirement Path

  • ​Financial & Professional Priorities

  • Next Steps & Life Transitions

  • Executive Advancement

  • Team Building

  • Visual & Social Media Identity

We work with participants to fill in their own “LaunchPad Lite” with some of the key elements from our full LaunchPads.​

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