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Authenticity & You

When it comes to personal branding, authenticity is one of the terms that is on the top of every list of “must-have.”

In a simple sense, authenticity is easy to define:

The quality of being authentic; genuineness. (

But taking that word from the computer screen and applying to your life and your business isn’t easy.

“I honestly believe that people of my generation despise authenticity, mostly because they're all so envious of it.” ― Chuck Klosterman, “Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story”

Now only you know who the real “you” is. But here are some ways to figure out who the real you is and how to let others know.

Your online persona and your “in person” persona need to be compatible. Because as Miranda Marquit notes in “5 TIPS FOR STRENGTHENING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND” (, “Be yourself. After a while, it becomes clear when you are fake, and that can show through. People like to feel like they know you, and you can create a brand that people identify with to increase your success.”

Author and marketing coach Jill Celeste offers these tips (

  • Write like you speak. If you just wrote a social media post, and it doesn’t sound like something that would come out of your mouth, delete it.

  • If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face “in real life,” then don’t type it on social media.

  • It’s okay to show your vulnerabilities. Express your fears. People with “Teflon coatings” have a harder time making authentic connections with others.

The key is to present yourself as a real person with real emotions and values. If the people and the businesses can trust you, then they are more than likely to trust the product you are representing.

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